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The internet is awash with millions of the latest geeky gadgets, trendy clothing, must have hair/cosmetics, savviest electronics and more importantly now so more then ever, those all essential health products needed to get us through these ominous and testing times, the internet and internet shopping itself is undoubtedly the way of the future with an estimated 1.8 billion people worldwide now purchasing goods online. Did you know that a whooping 63 percent of all those “shopping occasions” that happen every second of the day, actually begin online, nearly half of those consumers shop more on mobile devices now than in-store, BUT sometimes the simple task of ‘purchasing any single one of those products can be a painstakingly tedious process that requires, in more cases than not, a lot of patience.

If i set out to purchase something online these days i might have to first download some “buying & selling” apps also known as E-Commerce Apps to my devices just to achieve this, aaand….. more often than not these E-Commerce apps will require many other corresponding apps to complete the purchase, such as ‘Paypal’, ‘GMAIL’, ‘Revolut’, ‘Google Chrome’, ‘Amazon’, ‘Ebay’, ‘Your Personal Banking App’, ‘Play Store’, ‘Coinbase’, just to mention a few, as a result, well, I end up having to download/install multiple applications and setting them up can also be a task in itself especially so with all the new security measures companies are going to now to ensure my runners get from A-B demanding that I toggle in between my email and banking application, clicking on confirmation links, or pestering me to send or receive’ verification links’, that have what seems like a 10% success rate at times ! The best of times i am under the illusion that these are all “Delay Tactics” put in place to slow down our online shopping or keep us online longer.

Verify this, Verify that…….

Seriously…. I don’t know about you guys but i have a life to get on with and there is only so much of that technical stuff that ones brain can take, even for the savviest of users before we lose interest, to the point where we no longer enjoying online shopping. I mean who has time for inputting OTP’s (One Time Passwords), verification codes or any other codes for that matter in between other tedious and repetitive tasks ? Typing in, Inputting and re-uploading simple things like my personal details, banking details or shipping addresses should be more then enough to suffice. Really, sometimes I really envy the other 27% that shop in-store.

Now i’m a dad and I have 3 kids and i so happen to be real busy for the most part of the day so if you so happen to be a busy mom, dad on the go like me, maybe you are not so techy savvy online or have little or no interest, maybe information technology bothers you, are you illiterate or you simply can not find the time in the day for these long and lengthy processes, I feel your pain ! When I say “I Feel your pain” that is really saying something because I have been toying around with all things I.T. for over 30 years and tinkering with it over 20 even I still get really worked up sometimes because of the intricate tasks and complexity of purchasing something as simple as a pair of runners online and trying to get them from A-B these days. Not to mention having to be registering up to tens of pesky dodgy third party sites a day stacked on top of that. I mean…. Who knows where our information or data even ends up after it is handed over to their shady affiliated or associated third parties before it is knocked about once or twice more! Or worse again, what are they doing with it ?! Ominous to say the least.

Another real heartache these days are ‘CAPTCHA’ ! “Please enter the letters or numbers you see before we can proceed“, “really”?! “What do you mean numbers and letters”?!! WTH?! “Because from where I am sitting I see a bunch of formless objects with no real definition, at all and after my 6th attempt i can smell burn coming from the kitchen”. Talk about annoying ! And as for those infamous CAPTCHA ”, ‘Buses’ or’ Crosswalks somebody stop the world, I want to get off here. Seriously like?! Too much of that stuff can not be good for you, it has got to be taxing on the worlds mental health because last time i had to endure that kind of stuff I almost ended up having to add a new phone to my cart along with my existing order :/ (Who Knows? Maybe that was the initial idea of CAPTCHAs?!)

After having to endure all of the above, and some for the last 2 decades it has become kind of second nature for me and so I have deiced to try my hand at some ‘Drop Shipping’. Ever heard of it ?! Basically it entails me to do all of the “dirty work” mentioned above for you, so you don’t have to. As a regular online shopper myself, i know and understand how tiring and repetitive this can get, and bloody hell boring. So I set up ‘IrishConnect Cherry Picker drop Shipper’ and we aim to take that pain out of that game by devoting all of our time and energy into the game so you don’t have to. Instead we spend umpteen time and energy to online activities scouting the ‘World Wide Web’ daily sifting through thousands of listings and cherry picking and sourcing the current most trending or sought after and seasonal relevant products by you, the people, at any given time of the year.

IrishConnect ‘Cherry Picker Drop Shipper’ E-Commerce will take the sting out of these monotonous sub tasks of the online ‘order fulfillment’ side of things and the dreary sales/transactions side that comes with them. We will also take care of your orders until the transactions are completed, the product is dispatched, we have a tracking number for you and right up to the point of shipping.

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IrishConnect ‘Cherry Picker Drop Shipper’ will also have a comprehensive listing for you to choose from in a sort of a ‘One Stop Shop’ in our store..

Once we are done processing all of the “Dirty Work” our end after we have received funds on a particular product/service and the transaction is completed. IrishConnect will then proceed to issue the buyer with a Delivery “Tracking Number” for that particular item/order from then on the buyer has an obligation to monitor the delivery until it reaches its destination using the list of ‘Parcel Online Tracking’ services we can provide you with your order. This list can also be found here.

As a result we are able to provide a hassle free fully operational ‘Drop Shipping Service’ for all of your online needs.

Good Luck ! Dan 🍀

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